Calendar of Meditation Events Around the world

Here is a Calendar of meditation events around the world and further down you will also find a map, showing the locations of the events submitted to the site. If you would like your own event to be visible here, then make sure you submit the details in the form. Click any event to obtain more details. (It may take some time before there are any listings). Beware time zones! The Calendar is set to GMT, so contact the organisers to obtain the correct local times.

I cannot take responsibility for the accuracy of the listings. Always check out the web links provided and contact the organisers to ensure you have the latest details. An event may be cancelled at late notice and this may not be reflected below.

Map of Meditation Events Around the World

If for some reason the map below does not work, please try this other map or this one instead). If you click on the markers, you will see more information about the events.

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