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I love meditation and would like to support meditation events across the globe by offering these free listings. The benefits of meditation, as recommended on this site, are overwhelmingly positive. These benefits do not only apply to the meditator, but also to their surroundings, including relatives and friends. If enough people engage regularly in meditation, then over time, this will make a significant difference to the whole world. People will be healthier, happier and better able to live with each other in peace.

Any event that revolves around the beneficial use of meditation is likely to qualify for listing on this page. However, at present, I will not list events associated with a particular religious organisation. This is because I strongly believe in the universality of meditation and often religious associations result in many people feeling excluded. If your event involves rituals than I may decide not to list it. I hope you understand. I have no doubt that religions can make significant contributions to world peace, but in this era they still, too often, play a part in creating divisions between people, rather than peace.

This page is intended for you to list your meditation events, in any part of the world. Once you submit your event, the details will go into a spreadsheet, that will be linked to a calendar and map, so that you can easily see what is going on near you. This is a new feature of the website, so be patient. There may not be any listings yet!

In return for listing your event for free, please provide a link to the home page of Meditation for Beginners until the date of your event. If you wish, you may then remove the link. If your event is associated with a particular website or organisation, then I may have a closer look and we could exchange links on a more permanent basis. Last month (March 2014) this site receives around 1,100 visitor per month and numbers are increasing every month with visitors from all over the Globe. Please submit your events to reach a worldwide audience.

In the form below, you may request your event to be listed on a separate webpage within this site. You can include detailed description, an image or two and provide contact details. Problem with this is, that it is not so easy to index events in this way, so in addition please also submit the Google form at the bottom, as this will ensure your event is also listed in the calendar and on the map.

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