Meditation exercises

Meditation exercises are a key part of developing regular practice. The term' exercise' is probably not very helpful, as usually we exercise with the purpose of getting better at something. But with meditation it is important to be focused simply on the moment and to concentrate the attention on the object of meditation. This page brings together the meditation examples from across the different pages on this site. Make sure you also explore and try the six beginner-meditation-exercises that help with developing a balanced and health approach to the practice.

In one sense it would be true to say that mediation exercises, like physical exercises, do improve your ability to meditate. If you never meditate, you are unlikely to learn to do it. But with physical exercise we often strive towards some specific end goal, such as building muscle or losing weight. In meditation we may have a purpose for the meditation (for example as in a healing meditation), but the focus of our activity is in non-striving, non-doing.

Especially as a beginner, it is important to try different types of meditation and techniques and thereby discover what works for you. Once you have found something you can manage and enjoy, then stick with that approach for some time and develop your familiarity with it. You may find, that unlike other form of exercise, where the practice becomes easier with time, meditation practice becomes more difficult in the course of the exercises. This is because our minds are so used to being entertained with new input, new ideas, new ways of doing things, new stimuli, that we find it very hard indeed to do the same thing many times. Once you get the hang of it, check out some more advanced approaches to meditation.

It is important to become aware how each time you do the same meditation 'exercise', it is different. It may still be called 'Healing meditation', but it will be different every time, and noticing how it is different will help you to stay with it, rather than get bored or impatient. This is not contradicting what I said above, namely to try out different exercises. You need to do both: try out different exercises and also stick with one particular exercise if it resonates with you.

I have a provided brief meditation exercise after most of the types of meditation discussed here. But if you just want the exercises without the introduction, then follow the links below.

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