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The online meditations provided here will help you get started. They are similar to the meditation scripts that you will find under Meditation Exercises. the advantage of using audio files is that you can just meditate using earphones without having to refer back to the written instructions.

Feel free to use these online meditations for your own use, but please do not post them elsewhere on the Internet. They are authentic recordings put together by me, without a particular script, for the sole purpose of helping you to get into meditation.

These meditations emerged in the moment. In other words, in these recordings I go through the meditation myself so that, when you listen to them, we're almost meditating together. After using one particular meditation a few times you will be able to go through it by yourself without the audio.

Beginner Meditation 1: Awareness of breathing. Duration: about 10 mins in all, but the actual meditation is about 5 minutes long. This meditation is a very short and focused meditation that talks you through simple awareness of breathing.

Beginner Meditation 2: Healing meditation. Duration: about 14 mins in all, but the actual meditation is about 10 minutes long. This meditation first talks you through a short body scan and then helps you to visualise a cosmic light that fills you with warmth, love and healing.

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