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Meditation for Beginners, Issue #001
January 13, 2020

Here's to a year full of inspiration, positive action and consistent meditative practice!

Dear people,

Happy 2020!

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How are you getting on with your spiritual practice, specifically your meditation practice? Drop me a note if you want to. It is, in my view, absolutely necessary for more and more people to engage in meditation, but it does probably matter what kind of meditation it is. If we're using meditation as a way to escape from being on this planet, then perhaps we need to re-evaluate. I admit that there is often a part of me that goes in for meditation to relax, feel good, tune out. But more and more I am waking up (I hope) to the work of Rudolf Steiner, who brought into this world a meditation path that starts from thinking, rather than trying to switch thinking off. So in meditation, rather than falling asleep, we aim to wake up, become more conscious than in our usual day to day work and life. I have recently worked through Steiner's little book 'Knowledge of the Higher Worlds' also titled 'How to Know Higher Worlds' and am totally amazed by this path. I would like to invite you to get it for yourself (you can download it for free from the Rudolf Steiner archive at (see link below)) and to read it, then read it again and actually do the exercises. I would love to hear from you how you get on with this.

At this stage I am not sure when the next issue will be. I am currently leaving it open. But I have committed to posting a weekly response to Steiner's Calendar of the Soul on my blog (see link below). Do check it out.

Very best wishes for now.

Iddo Oberski

Knowledge of the Higher Worlds and its Attainment
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