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Meditation for Beginners, Issue #002
March 30, 2020

Meditation for Beginners: Newsletter 002

Edinburgh, March 31, 2020

Outer chaos, inner order

Dear people,

welcome to the second issue of this occasional newsletter and thanks so much for subscribing.

Is it still possible to talk about anything else than you know what?

I caught myself looking at the latest news here in the UK at around 10pm last night. Just on time. And then I quickly switched off my phone, had some fruit and yogurt and went to bed to read something inspiring. I'm currently reading Rudolf Steiner's mystery plays. Wow. What a different effect on my inner state this has, compared to the news stories.

I could feel myself getting agitated, anxious, worried, reading the news. Isn't it interesting? Nothing had actually changed in terms of the state of the world by me reading the news. Things in the world didn't get suddenly better or worse, just because I was reading the news. The only thing that got noticeably worse was my own inner state, making it more likely that I would take longer to fall asleep, that I would be waking up in the middle of then night with worries and all kinds of disaster scenarios going through my mind.And fear and anxiety are most definitely not going to help me or anyone else to cope with life at the present moment. On the contrary. These inner states of stress reduce our immune response, disrupt our sleep patterns, elevate our blood pressure and so on. Not good.

Thankfully I caught myself on time. I am reading the second mystery play, called 'The Soul's Probation' which follows several people on their journeys towards enlightenment and initiation. Here too, there are anxious moments and threatening events, but there is a general sense of the striving for real knowledge, for deep understanding of what it is to be a human being, for living a life that is in harmony with the spiritual world. This nourishes my soul and spirit. I feel connected to a deep trust that all will be well. And I slept deeply afterwards.

None of this is to deny the truth or otherwise of the situation in the 'real' world. It's just that that 'real' world that we're always confronted with in the news and social media is only one part of the picture. It leaves out of account the very real possibility, even likelihood, of the spiritual powers that govern the world. Now I am not claiming any special knowledge of these powers, but I know enough to be convinced that 'there is much more to life than meets the eye'. And I notice that tuning into the reality of higher worlds gives me courage and trust.

It's up to me to decide what I let into my mind, when and how much. The outer chaos needs to be countered by inner order. My thoughts are really the only thing in life over which I can have full control. So it makes sense to attempt at making them good, beautiful and true. To me that would seem like a much more productive contribution to the world than consuming endless bad news stories.

I wish you courage, strength and resolution to hold fast to your meditative life, to interact with the news in moderation and to foster nourishing thoughts.

Very best wishes.

Iddo Oberski

Knowledge of the Higher Worlds and its Attainment
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