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Meditation for Beginners, Issue #002
May 05, 2020

Meditation for Beginners: Newsletter 002

Edinburgh, May 5, 2020

Understanding meditation

Dear people,

What is meditation and why would you do it? What is the path towards enlightenment and initiation? How can we learn to have direct experience of the spiritual world?

These are some questions to which we can find detailed indications in Rudolf Steiner's book 'Knowledge of the Higher Worlds: How is it achieved?" (Also titled as 'How to know Higher Worlds' and 'Knowledge of the Higher worlds and its Attainment). See link at the foot of this newsletter.

From Thursday 21 May to 16 July, 6pm BST (British Summer Time) I'll offer a 10-week exploration of this incredible book. We'll go through the book together and then meet once a week in virtual space, in real time, to exchange our experiences, explore challenges and share insights.

For more info and to book:

Very best wishes.

Iddo Oberski Course info and tickets

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