Anxiety treatment meditation exercise

Anxiety treatment meditation exercise

Step 1

Find a quiet space where you will not be disturbed. Switch off your phones. Is there anything on your mind that needs to be done right now? Stop and consider. Most things can wait and are not life-threatening. So let it go, if possible. If not, then do it first so your mind is clear.

Step 2

Sit or lie down, making sure you are comfortable and warm. Settle down. Close your eyes. Briefly notice how you feel by checking in mentally with your body, in particular in the area around stomach, diaphragm and chest. Briefly notice your thinking, the thoughts racing through your mind without your control. Then bring your attention to what you are doing.

Step 3

What are you doing? Nothing. You are just sitting or lying there. Relax. This is great. Look, you are in one place. You are here and now. You are still, but there is a world going on. A world outside you. It moves on, even when you are still. People live their lives, they laugh, cry, whisper, kiss, make war, eat...All this is possible, while you are still.

Step 4

There is another world going on. A world inside you. Your body. Sensations. Feeling. Emotions. Breathing. Movement. Thoughts. All this goes on without you having to do anything at all. All of this happens, even when you are perfectly still. Keep breathing.

Step 5

Imagine you are in beautiful place where you can be completely relaxed, where you are completely loved just the way you are. What is it, where is it? See it in your imagination. Smell the air, see the sights, feel the surroundings. Are there other people? Keep breathing, while you look around and feel the energy of this place fill you, recharge you, make you smile (you may actually cry with relief when you get to this place, that's great, it's allowed here).

Step 6

After a while, you feel the joy settling down deep inside you and the ecstacy of being in this place starting to calm down. You realise it is time to leave. So in your imagination you get ready to go. You know with your whole being that this place will always be there for you. You can come here any time, for a break, to recharge, to breathe and smile.

Step 7

You slowly bring your awareness back to the here and now, to the room you are in. Feel the breathing movements of your body. Feel your body's contact with the floor or chair. Gently open your eyes. Become aware of your surroundings. Get up and resume your normal activities after drinking a large glass of water.

After the meditation
Remember that after a meditation, it is a good idea to spend a few minutes reflecting on the experience. You could write down what it was like for you in your own personal journal. Give yourself time to resume your normal activities, after drinking a glass of water.

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