Anxiety Unravelled: Interview with site owner Judy Legon

Anxiety Unravelled is a new website that provides a lot of information about how to tackle anxiety disorder. It was set up by Judy Legon to provide a one-stop shop, as it were, for people to better understand what anxiety disorder is all about.  I am extremely pleased that the site includes some great advice about the role meditation can play in tackling anxiety. I already knew from personal experience, through many years of meditation, how a meditation practice can really help significantly with all kinds of emotional challenges, including anxiety, but I had not come across a site dedicated to this area yet.  So I was delighted when I had an opportunity to ask Judy how she came to set up her site. Here is what I asked her:

(IO=Iddo Oberski; JL=Judy Legon)

IO: Hi Judy, what brought you to create Anxiety Unrvelled, a site dedicated to panic anxiety disorder ?

JL: When I was suffering from panic and anxiety many years ago, it took a long time to piece together all the relevant bits of information needed to make a full recovery. As a health professional, I really wanted to share what I had discovered to help ease the suffering of others and I decided back then to create something that I wished had been available to me - all the important information in one place, through Anxiety Unravelled. I knew that it would need to include how lifestyle and diet can have a massive influence, which is an area that is often overlooked, along with the insider's understanding that comes from having experienced something oneself.

IO: What would you say is the main cause of panic anxiety disorder?

JL: It is always stress - either accumulated over time or experienced suddenly and very intensely, or a mixture of both. Of course, there are countless ways of experiencing stress and what is stressful to one person can be stimulating to another!

IO: Based on your own experience, what have you found most effective?

JL: It's hard to pick one thing, but the five step process that is outlined on Anxiety Unravelled is essential in the initial stages and then  approaching the problem from several different angles by supporting the body as well as the mind. Really understanding why the problem has developed gives you trust in the logical process of recovery, so that you know it is absolutely inevitable that you will recover if you follow the program.

IO: And what have you found the easiest to apply?

JL: Definitely the wisdom of ayurveda (India's ancient healing philosophy) which is very logical, easy to understand and to put into practice and is a treasure store of invaluable tips for understanding your body/mind type and why what works for one person might not  necessarily work for you.

IO:Is there something that underpins all the approaches to helping people overcome panic anxiety disorder?

JL: Most of all in the beginning, it's finding a way to do the seemingly impossible, which is to stop fighting your symptoms. But in the end it all comes down to understanding that you can't continue doing the same things and expect a different result. It's a great opportunity for change for the better!

IO: Are there any techniques or remedies that work immediately?

JL: You can stop panic attacks very quickly with the five steps mentioned above. After that, it will take a little while for the body and mind to get completely back into balance again but it's speeded up by practising  meditation and yoga nidra (deep relaxation), following the lifestyle and diet tips, and taking herbs and supplements to support the process.

IO: Wow, it's amazing that someting like axiety can be helped through  non-invasive means like meditation. Thanks very much Judy, all the best of luck with your website.

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