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Darren Bridger is the owner of, a website which aims to summarise and review all the best tools for making the most of your mind. He lives in the South of England. I have always been very interested in different approaches to brain and mental development, so I asked Darren to explain a little about the background of brain-boosting-tools and the best way to benefit from the web site (besides meditating of course!). Here is the interview:
(1) Iddo: What brought you to create a site dedicated to boosting people's brain power?
Darren: It’s a subject I’ve been interested in for years, and have written a couple of books on brain-boosting-tools (‘Think smart, act smart’, and ‘Boost your memory’). I was interested in starting a site to make people aware of the wide range of techniques that are out there that they may not have heard of.
(2) Iddo: Why do we need brain-boosting-tools?
Darren: There are three main reasons.
Firstly we live in what some people call the information age, and most people are obviously dealing with way more information, both for work and pleasure, than their parents and grandparents ever had to. Rarely before has brain-power been so important for so many jobs. Also, this information age involves lots of change, learning to use and adapt to new technologies, and regular changes of jobs. Such changes not only demand knowledge and intelligence but require mental skills like creativity, and ability to handle stress.
The second main reason is that, whilst up until our 20s nature and schools develop our brains for us to some extent, beyond that we have put in our own efforts to develop our brainpower. I think most people realize that they have untapped mental potential, and through using the right tools and techniques they can unlock this potential.
Lastly, we now have the potential to live longer than our ancestors, and in many parts of the world their populations are ageing. Quality of life in old age can be enhanced if we are able to stay mentally active and nimble.
(3) Iddo: Based on your own experience, what have you found most effective?
Darren: It all depends on which area you want to boost. All the techniques I cover are effective, and I have deliberately decided not to cover those for which I haven’t seen any evidence (or, if I do, I will honestly explain why I don’t think they work). However, the technique I consider to be most versatile, and which I’m currently writing about, is mind-mapping. It’s a note-taking technique which can also help with generating creative ideas, create plans, and learn a subject. There are also techniques for letting go of negative emotions which can be really powerful, and I intend to write about soon.
(4) Iddo: And what have you found the easiest to apply?
Darren: Actually the easiest is a meditation product I’ve been using for a number of years and intend to write about soon. It works through playing certain sound frequencies through headphones. There’s very little you have to do to make it work apart from close your eyes and listen.
(5) Iddo: Is there something that underpins all the tools and techniques on your site (for example, developing new habits)?
Darren: I suppose the one underlying factor that will help you with any of these tools is motivation: where there is a will there is a way!
Another underlying principle is using your imagination. As Einstein said: “Imagination is more important than knowledge”. There are a number of techniques that rely on your imagination and ability to visualize, for example in the area of memory improvement. Our subconscious minds, in particular, can be very powerful and like to deal in images.
(6) Iddo: Are there any techniques that work immediately?
Darren: There are a number of simple techniques that can work within minutes. I can give you a couple of examples in the areas of wellbeing and speed-reading. Want to feel a boost of happiness, just smile. The feedback of your facial muscles to your brain, when you smile, can trigger positive feelings. Want to read faster? Hold a pencil and move it down the page as you read, this will speed up your eye movement down the page. If it’s an article you are reading, focus most on the first and last paragraphs. These will contain the richest amount of information in most cases.  There are plenty of little quick tips like these.

Iddo: Thanks very much Darren, that's a really helpful introduction and overview of what we can expect from your site. It looks exciting and I wish you every success.

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