Healing meditation exercise

Healing meditation exercise

The following meditation exercise is very general to allow you to adapt it to you own specific needs. Feel free to change it to make it work for you. Remember, go into the meditation without judging or expecting a particular outcome. Just work gently with the energy that get focused through your conscious attention.

Step 1

Sit or lie down in a comfortable, warm space, if possible. Close the door and ask you family or firend not to disturb you for 15 minutes or so. Switch off you phone!

Step 2

Take a few deep breaths and then settle down. Remind yourself briefly of the purpose of the meditation. For example, say you cut your finger and it is still sore. You might then remind yourself that the purpose of the healing meditation is to allow your body to heal and for the soreness to subside.

Step 3

Sit or lie still. If you are sitting, make sure you're back is supported, your feet are flat on the floor and your head is balanced on the top of your spine. Gently tune into your breathing. Become aware of the ebb and flow of this natural process. Become aware of how the breathing continues without your conscious effort. This simple movement of air in and out of your lungs sustains your entire being. Allow your thoughts to wonder over this miracle of our bodies and see if a sense of awe comes over you.

Step 4

Become aware of where you feel the breathing. Perhaps in your chest, or your belly, or maybe your nostrils or throat. Tune into that area specifically.

Step 5

With your consciousness still holding the breathing, gently move your awareness to the place in your body where you need healing, carrying the breathing along with it. Imagine that your inbreath goes straight into this place, expanding it, healing it. Then allow the outbreath to carry any discomfort or pain with it into space. Do this for 5 mins or so. If you attention wanders off, gently bring it back to the place that needs healing.

Step 6

After a while you will somehow feel a sense of satisfaction, or perhaps satiation and it will feel natural to carry the breathing back to where you felt it at first. Stay with the breath in this way for a few minutes.

Step 7

Gently bring your consciousness back to where you are in space and time. Feel your body against the chair or mattress, your feet on the floor.Hear the sounds around you. Become aware of the dim light shining through your closed eyelids. Then slowly open your eyes and bring yourself fully back.

After the meditation
Remember that after a meditation, it is a good idea to spend a few minutes reflecting on the experience. You could write down what it was like for you in your own personal journal. Give yourself time to resume your normal activities, after drinking a glass of water.

Beginner Meditation 2: Healing meditation. Duration: about 14 mins in all, but the actual meditation is about 10 minutes long. This meditation first talks you through a short body scan and then helps you to visualise a cosmic light that fills you with warmth, love and healing.

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