Healing Meditation

Healing meditations are specific, focused meditation sessions that may help alleviate many of life's challenges. But it is my belief and to some extent also my personal experience that any meditation techniques, even those for beginners, are essentially healing meditations. This is a no-brainer. After all, you stop, you are still, you focus your attention, you breathe, you relax. I have no doubt that all of this contributes to your body's ability to heal itself, your soul to be refreshed emotionally and mentally, and your spirit to be enlightened. It is not rocket science. Or maybe this is the real rocket science! For an example of a specific healing meditation, see my anxiety treatment meditation.

However, it is also important to say right at the start that you should not expect any miracles here (although I believe they can and do happen, just not when you want or expect them to, depends of course what you mean by 'miracle' anyway). What I mean is, if you break your leg one day, a healing meditation is not going to suddenly undo the damage.

As I said, any type of meditation is going to help anyway. But it is also possible to specifically meditate with the purpose of healing. This could be for yourself, or for someone else. It could be to heal a situation or living beings. Healing is the art of 'making whole'. It is about restoring balance where there is imbalance, uniting separate parts into a whole, creating flow where there is stagnation, allowing light where there is darkness.

Of course these are all meant as metaphores. You cannot break a glass and then restore it through meditation. But you may be able to help with healing a broken relationship; You cannot bring back to life those who have passed away, but you may be able to rekindle love where there is hatred, for example.

The key difference between a 'regular' meditation and a healing one is therefore the nature of your attention. And to some extent you could therefore say that a healing meditation is a 'more advanced' technique. But it is more helpful to be open to all types of meditation and try different approaches, because it is likely that one approach may suit you better than another. This is fine. You might find one type easier or more effective than another type, whereas someone else may find that particular technique more difficult. So there is not much point in allocating degrees of difficulty then to different approaches to meditation.

You can now also see that while this site is called meditation-for-beginners, this does not mean you will find all the techniques discussed here easy. It is just that the site offers a range of different, equally valid approaches, some of which you'll find easy, some more difficult.

The key is that rather than focusing your awareness on what is, you may in addition, or instead, focus your attention on what will be. This requires you to have a mental picture of this possible future state, so that you can use your ability to focus your attention to imagine this possible future state as if it were real.

So for example, if you did indeed have a broken leg, you might meditate on the sensations in your leg and allow your leg to relax. This will no doubt help the healing process. But you might also add the imaginary, but possible picture to this of your leg becoming actually whole again. You could focus and imagine the bone completely restored, your leg moving freely again and yourself walking again. The key is to do all this in a loving way, not a forceful or demanding way. It might then just further speed up the healing process. (No guarantees implied!)

Beginner Meditation 2: Healing meditation. Duration: about 14 mins in all, but the actual meditation is about 10 minutes long. This meditation first talks you through a short body scan and then helps you to visualise a cosmic light that fills you with warmth, love and healing.

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