Health benefits

The health benefits of meditation have been reasonably well researched and established. For example, there is evidence that regular practice can help with stress (see Kabat-Zin's Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction). But I believe strongly that it is extremely beneficial to life more broadly.

Also, my experience is that changes for the worse in my well-being are not always unexpected. Sometimes I know deep down that something is not quite right, but that does not necessarily mean there is anything I can do about it. The meditation then helps me accept whatever is coming my way, trusting that it will pass. Sometimes, this 'passing' may take a life time! Also, there may not be any 'objective', outside, measurable changes in well-being, yet the way you respond to illness can be profoundly affected by regular meditation.

If you are here to just explore meditation and have never yet actually meditated, then please just forget about benefits altogether. Why? Because starting with the purpose of healing may result in a level of impatience as well as an expectation that may not be realistic. You could just be disappointed. We are so used to our illnesses being fixed by doctors through the administration of drugs, that it can take time to realise that our well-being is really our own responsibility. Of course you must go and see a doctor when you are unwell. The meditation could help you see the role of the doctor in quite a different way from how we usually view him/her!

So what to do? Gently start a regular practice. Remember, it is all about focused awareness. Just be open-minded about the possibilities. Any changes to your life may be extremely subtle and if these changes include healing then you may get a surprise. Enough said. Keep an open mind.

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