Inner Peace

Inner peace is probably one of the most important benefits of meditation. What does it mean? These two words refer to a profound experience of being 'at peace' as opposed to 'conflicted' (or 'at war'). It is an inner experience, not an outer one. It is something that only you can experience for yourself, and I for myself.

This is about being at peace with yourself. If you are totally at peace with yourself, you accept yourself for who you are. You accept your strengths as well as weakensses. You know yourself. That way you are able to handle whatever comes towards you from your immediate environment. You can dedicate your knowledge, skills and energy to the challange at hand, instead of expending it on fighting yourself. This is wisdom.

For me, gaining inner peace has been immensely important to my ability to cope with life. That's not to say I am at peace all the time. On the contrary, I still have a long way to go on this path. But I know from experience that during meditation I am often able to reach an inner place where tensions, worries and other concerns drop away. In this inner place I can just breath and be. Then after the meditation I feel refreshed and more able to face the world. Once you get into meditation, you may start to wonder how you ever managed without it!

I think that this may well be the fundamental benefit of meditation that underpins all the other benefits. You are at one with yourself, inner conflict has subsided. This may benefit your quality of sleep, it may reduce general anxiety, it may improve mental health and physicial health and so on. Absence of conflict and divide means wholeness and wholeness is health.

Consider for a moment that each of us is a 'microcosm' compared to the 'macrocosm' of the world. The mystics say 'as above, so below'. But the path to freedom goes the other way: 'as below, so above'. If I am at peace with myself, then I am probably a lot less likely to contribute to the opposites of peace in the world. Microcosm and macrocosm are interwoven. Another way to express this is "if you want to change the world, begin with yourself". But not 'yourself' as in the old you, but 'Yourself' as in the new you, the you that you are alway becoming. This is the path of meditation.

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