Meditation benefits

The meditation benefits far outweigh any possible risks. Provided that you follow the simple guidelines of Meditation for Beginners or any good book or website on meditation, the only possible risk is that your life may change for the better!

Through meditation you are likely to discover that many different symptoms of ill health, physical and psychological, are connected at a much deeper, spiritual level. Also, you may find that all the benefits of meditation are connected. For example, meditation may develop your attention span and concentration, it may positively affect your sleep and reduce anxiety. But all these benfits are linked. After all, less anxiety is likely to lead to better sleep, which in turn enhances memory and focus. And of course these benefits can be felt across all dimensions of your life, for example you may discover your memory improves or you can study better.

In my experience, meditation can become the key to healing, in particular to spiritual healing. First of all, worries, anxiety, anger, fear, sadness, mental agony and so on, soften and begin to loose their grip on the individual over time. Then, over time, or somtime quite suddenly, deep insights into human existence well up from the mysterious depth of you own being. These insights often come with a feeling of being blessed, loved and filled with light.

Through meditation you become better able to experience for yourself that most negative emotions are preceded by negative thoughts and that these thoughts are simply part of your subjective, conditioned mind. In other words, it is the thinking that sets off the emotions. Experiencing this on an inner level is a first step in spiritual healing. You finally discover who you really are. So the health benefits, physical and mental, can be significant.

As a free human being, you have the choice whether you use these abilities for good or otherwise. So you will need not only your power, but also a balanced sense of feeling, to ensure that you use your powers well. Provided you do not try to change anything in your life, but use meditation simply as a way to explore the inner realms, there is no risk of harm to anyone. On the contrary. An important rule of thumb is to be gentle with yourself and others; be patient; trust your intuition.

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