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On this page you will find meditation related links that will help you in your practice and understanding of meditation. There are links that relate to specific types of meditation as well as to the benefits discussed on this site. There are also links to other websites, which have been carefully selected on the basis of their affinity with meditation practice. There will be sites here that are dedicated to specific meditation practices, but also more broadly about the development of brain, mental and spiritual capabilities. In some cases I will try and interview the site owner to obtain a bit more insight into their site. The interview is then published here, with their permission, and with a link.

Check out ContemplativeLife, a beautiful website on the contemplative life, offering a wide range of entry points and insights.

The video below provides a short meditation on the crown chakra.

Lucid dreaming is a fascinating phenomenon, where you retain a significantlevel of consciousness while in a dream state. This allows you to have a level of control over the dream and bring into consciousness aspects of your self that are normally hidden. There's now a whole website dedicated to Lucid Mind. Check it out.

A relatively new site looking at meditation, amongst other topics, is Spirit and Development. There are some advanced meditation exercises here that you might like to try. In a recent interview, site owner Gabriel van Woerkom explains why he created the site and what his vision is for the future of it.

Interview with Judy Legon of Anxiety Unravelled where she explains why she set up her web site, dedicated to helping people deal with anxiety, through the use of meditation. is a neat website focusing on mindfulness practice, research and events.

Andy Puddicombe explains mindfulness meditation through juggling:

Advice on how to get more out of your meditations. R&I Life Coaching offers classes, courses and guided meditations.

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