Psychic meditation exercise

Psychic meditation exercise

Step 1

Find one simple, small, man-made object, such as a pin, pen, piece of string etc. Ensure you have this object at hand, so put it on the table in front of you, on your lap or in your pocket.

Step 2

Make yourself comfortable, preferably by sitting upright on a chair, or standing upright. It is best to avoid lying down if at all possible. Please make sure you are safe and your conscious attention can be dedicated to this meditation, without bringing yourself or others in danger (e.g. do not do this while driving or operating machinery)

Step 3

Centre yourself. This means three deep breaths. In-out, in-out, in-out. Do this in your own rhythm. Then allow the breath to fall back into its natural flow. Relax and then retrieve the object from your pocket, or pick it up from the table or your lap.

Step 4

Holding the object, examine it carefully, mindfully, slowly. You can turn it so you can observe it from different angles and persepectives.

Step 5

While you do this, slowly, mindfully, describe the object in words. You can do this out loud, or you can do this with your inner voice. Carefully guide the thoughts you have in relation to the object, so that at all times they describe it. As soon as you find yourself thinking about something that is not a description of this object, bring your mind back to it again.

So for example, when observing a pin you might describe it as 'a thin, hard, metallic object with a sharp point', which is accurate. You may also contemplate how it was manufactured and very likely you will discover you do not know this.

But you might also think 'pin pricks hurt, I once found a pin in my trouser leg and it scratched me'. Now clearly, this is an association of thought triggered by the perception of the pin (or even just by the concept 'pin') which has a lot to do with you (or me in this case!), but nothing whatsoever with this particular pin.

Step 6

Do this for 2-5 minutes, keep breathing. When the time is up, put the object ot the side, so you can find it again tomorrow. Relax, take a few deep breaths.

Step 7 (optional, but very helpful)

Spend maybe 10-15 minutes to make a journal, writing down the date/time of the psychic meditation and briefly what happened and how it went.

After the meditation
Remember that after a meditation, it is a good idea to spend a few minutes reflecting on the experience. You could write down what it was like for you in your own personal journal. Give yourself time to resume your normal activities, after drinking a glass of water.

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