Relationship Benefits

What are the relationship benefits of meditation? Think about some of the most important relationships in your life. For example, parents or carers, children, siblings, but also partners, close friends. What is it that keeps each of these relationships going? Who are you within them, what 'role' do you play? What tensions are there?

I think close relationships are the most important challenge of life in the 21st century, especially in the 'West'. We have become obsessed with material things and with individual achievement. We insist on personal freedom and independence. We put our elderly parents in special homes so that we can get on with our own lives. We encourage our children to become independent as soon as possible and to seek their own path through life.

All this is just an observation, not a judgement. This is how it currently is. Of course I am generalising and painting a picture that may not at all apply to you. But I trust you know what I mean.

Regular meditation practice enhances your ability to see yourself as others see you, And more. It allows you to see yourself as you could be. With the practice comes a dawning of awareness that hovers above you and becomes available to you in your day to day activity. So that when you find yourself in a challenging situation with one of your loved ones, there is a higher perspective that you can access, in the very moment.

You will become better able to act consciously within such situations, rather than with the usual knee-jerk reactions. These latter reactions are the result of years of practice, often started through close observation of parents. (Children are natural imitators, they will copy behaviour completely unconsciously; even a new-born baby will stick out its tongue when it sees someone sticking out their tongue to it).

But now you begin to slowly escape from these old habit. Gradaully these layers of habit are peeled away. Over time, it is you who is changing. And since you are closely intertwined with the other people in your life, that change ripples into your relationships with them. Now, you no longer jump when your dad criticises you and you are able to see all the things he did do just for you. Now, you simply observe the stinging remark made by your sister or brother, let it echo back to them without the need to respond. Truly, if this is not magic, I don't know what is!

So again, it is a matter of simply doing the practice. Everything else will take care of itself. No need to go into your meditation with the specific purpose of sorting your relationships. Once you have practiced for a while you may begin to notice changes. Then you may also consciously meditate on specific relationships, or on a specific aspect of a relationship, in order to gain a clearer picture of it and help it heal. Yes, of course this is again about healing :-)

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