Rudolf Steiner's weekly meditations

Artistic Response

Here is my artistic response to this week's Soul-Calendar-06 meditation verse by Rudolf Steiner. For a brief introduction to this project, please see my first couple of posts on the blog pages. See also where you can see a range of translations into English and other languages. By the way, I am not in any way suggesting that my translations are preferable to any of the published translations. But I don't want to infringe any copyright, hence I am offering my own, literal, translations here.

Soul-Calendar-06 meditation

Rudolf Steiner's original soul-calendar-06 meditation
May 12-18
Es ist erstanden aus der Eigenheit
Mein Selbst und findet sich
Als Weltenoffenbarung
In Zeit- und Raumeskräften;
Die Welt, sie zeigt mir überall
Als göttlich Urbild
Des eignen Abbilds Wahrheit.

There has arisen from the own-hood
My self and finds itself
As world-revelation
In time –and space’s forces;
The world, she shows me everywhere
As godly archetype
Of own image the truth.

My interpretation of the soul-calendar-06 meditation

Last week the verse ended on the resurrection of the self out of the narrow self. This week the verse starts with that and continues on. My self, having arisen out of my individuality or 'own-hood' (lower self), as I called it above, now finds itself as world-revelation in the force-fields of time and space. What does this mean, or rather what might it mean? If I have found my true self, I then may recognise myself in the world and the world in me. We're not separate but one, from this perspective. So, if I am able to look out at the world and not stop short at this 'looking at', but pierce through the outer appearances of the world (including my own self), then at the moment and within the space where I see that world I also see myself in my full stature, in my full truth. In the changing seasons, the planets, the stars, in everything that moves and changes and transforms in nature through space and time I now recognise the essence of myself. This understanding is also confirmed by the last three lines. The world shows me myself as a godly or divine mirror image of itself. And at the same time, I recognise myself as a godly, divine mirror-image of the world. This mirror-image however is no longer mere appearance. Rather, this image is the archetype of myself as spirit being and of the world as spirit world, both weaving in and through each other, in a space-less, timeless, universe that lies behind the one we are familiar with within our physical existence. I have reached the ground of existence, which surprisingly lies in the spiritual world, rather than the material world. The verse suggests, moreover, that this happens at this time of the year, whether or not we're conscious of it. With the verse as our helper, we may gradually become conscious of it and through this consciousness come closer to actually experiencing its truth.

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