Rudolf Steiner's weekly meditations

Artistic Response

Here is my artistic response to this week's Soul-Calendar-11 meditation verse by Rudolf Steiner. For a brief introduction to this project, please see the blog post for week 49, which is when I started this..

Soul-Calendar-11 meditation

Rudolf Steiner's original soul-calendar-11 meditation
June 16-22

Es ist in dieser Sonnenstunde
An dir, die weise Kunde zu erkennen:
An Weltenschönheit hingegeben
In dir dich fühlend zu durchleben:
Verlieren kann das Menschen-Ich
Und finden sich im Welten-Ich.

My translation*:
It is in this sun-hour
Up to you, the wise tiding to understand:
To world-beauty surrendered
In you you feeling to experience:
Lose can the human-I
And find itself in World-I.

*As I don't want to infringe any copyright, I am offering my own, literal, translations here. There are many excellent translations available at but keep in mind that most translations lose at least some of the various possible meanings that lie within the original German. Starman's translation tends to be the most literal.

My interpretation of the soul-calendar-11 meditation

I am not sure I have much to add to what I said in last week's interpretation. In this week the sun is making its final ascend to the solstice, it's highest point in the sky (Northern Hemisphere). It is as if the ascent is slowing down, the dynamic between inner and outer world is perhaps reaching the most extreme point of the pendulum, so to speak, with the movement towards the turning point slowing down and the step-wise weekly changes becoming less noticeable, as if we're reaching a plateau. Previously we were advised to 'lose yourself to find yourself'. Then, last week, 'you will come to see that a god felt you' and this week that the human-I can lose itself and find itself in the world-I. What is noticeable is that up to week 9, the verses speak from the first person 'I' perspective. This suddenly changes at the end of week and it is as if we are spoken to by a spirit-being outside ourselves. Perhaps it is the very god-being who felt us in week 10 who is the one speaking to us through these weeks? This week's verse is like a summery of the past few weeks. This being reminds me that it is up to me to feel myself within myself and to experience that I can lose and find myself in the world-I. In this context, losing myself may mean that I lose clarity of thought of myself, hence the need to feel myself within myself, rather than to know myself. But in the feeling-at-oneness with the world in its continuous becoming I can also recognise myself as a being-in-the-process-of-becoming. Therefore, I can also find myself in the World-I, after first losing myself.

I may come back to this interpretation, as I sense there may be something important that I am missing here!

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