Rudolf Steiner's weekly meditations

Artistic Response

Here is my artistic response to this week's Soul-Calendar-51 meditation verse by Rudolf Steiner. For a brief introduction to this project, please see my first couple of posts on the blog pages. See also where you can see a range of translations into English and other languages. By the way, I am not in any way suggesting that my translations are preferable to any of the published translations. But I don't want to infringe any copyright, hence I am offering my own, literal, translations here.

Soul-Calendar-51 meditation

Rudolf Steiner's original soul-calendar-51 meditation
March 23-29

Ins Innre des Menschenwesens
Ergiesst der Sinne Reichtum sich,
Es findet sich der Weltengeist
Im Spiegelbild des Menschenauges,
Das seine Kraft aus ihm
Sich neu erschaffen muss.

My translation
Into innerness of human-nature
Pours forth the senses’ wealth itself,
There finds itself the world-spirit
In mirror image of human-eye
Which its strength from there
Itself new creating must.

My interpretation of the soul-calendar-51 meditation

The sense impressions find themselves streaming into my innermost soul. The forms and colours and smells and sounds in nature develop, unfold, and reach me through my senses. But my consciousness of this is not merely accidental, not merely a natural phenomenon. My consciousness is itself a mirror of the divine and so within my soul these sense impressions only become meaningful, only really exist for me because they meet the world-spirit in me. So it is as if the world-spirit in me mirrors those sense impressions and at the same time mirrors my very self in itself. But none of this just happens. I need to develop the insight, the will, the strength to see actively, rather than to let the world just pass me by, noticed, but not seen. I need to learn to see, really see. Then, like last week, the divine spirit may find itself in me and I myself in it. And the strength which I need to muster my ability to really see, to really think, to consciously align myself to the spirit of the world, is in itself derived, nourished, given, by that spirit of the world. It remains a mystery to our day to day thinking. The process of intuitive beholding is self-sustaining and self-nourishing, but I must start it. But then, I am not a separate I, but am one with that spirit, so it seems it is the spirit in me that wakes me up to my own ability to wake up to it. Very puzzling indeed.

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