Rudolf Steiner's weekly meditations

Artistic Response

Here is my artistic response to this week's Soul-Calendar-52 meditation verse by Rudolf Steiner. For a brief introduction to this project, please see my first couple of posts on the blog pages. See also where you can see a range of translations into English and other languages. By the way, I am not in any way suggesting that my translations are preferable to any of the published translations. But I don't want to infringe any copyright, hence I am offering my own, literal, translations here.

Soul-Calendar-52 meditation

Rudolf Steiner's original soul-calendar-52 meditation
March 30 to 6 April

Wenn aus den Seelentiefen
Der Geist sich wendet zu dem Weltensein
Und Schönheit quillt aus Raumesweiten,
Dann zieht aus Himmelsfernen
Des Lebens Kraft in Menschenleiber
Und einet, machtvoll wirkend,
Des Geistes Wesen mit dem Menschensein.

My translation
When from soul-depths
The spirit turns itself to the world-existence
And beauty streams from space-widths,
Then streams from heavens-distances
Life’s strength in human body
And unites, powerfully working,
The spirit’s being with the human existence.

My interpretation of the soul-calendar-52 meditation

We look around us all the time when we're awake. But are we really taking in our environment? Do we really see? When I draw on my will forces to consciously see around me out of the depths of my own soul I wake up to the exquisite beauty of the world. I actively try to see this beauty, especially the natural world, of which the human being is after all a part (rather than apart), as streaming from the vast expanses of space. When I manage to do this, even only occasionally or even just in a glimpse, I may then experience the nourishing, strengthening force streaming into my body. I have opened my heart to cosmic love and this love comes rushing in, as if it has been waiting for a long time. It fills me with this love and gives me strength and courage to act out of this love so that my actions are in harmony with the spiritual worlds. Yes it's maybe still an ideal, but well worth striving for.

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